How can I dual boot Fedora with another Linux distro?

I’ve been wondering if I can dual boot Fedora with another distro. I’ve tried dual booting with Garuda but that didn’t work at all because Grub didn’t recognize Garuda and Fedora uses a weird boot system. I was wondering what Fedora uses to boot and if there’s a way I could write the config it outputs to a different drive’s Grub install. I’m currently using Endeavour, Fedora 35, and Windows 11 and I’d like to try to get Endeavour’s boot loader to show all 3 but I might have to just add Endeavour to Fedora’s bootloader. Thanks in advance.

Maybe this recent article might help: Multibooting with GRUB | Lorenzo Bettini

With the described procedure I can boot several Linux distributions and windows

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