Question about testing Fedora spins

total newb here. I want to use some of the different spins from Fedora can I install fedora 35 and then pickj and mix the items from the spins or is it that particular spin install that only? I want to use some of the tools for creative, Python learning and engineering also. Apoplogies in advance if should know this from reading …Im trying short cut. any advise would be welcome

For components in one SPIN, as long as they are inside the RPM repositories, they can be installed to other SPINs, and dnf will take care to install any missing dependencies.

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Welcome to ask fedora @fabriglas01.

Might I ask, new in Linux and/or Fedora?

As I can understand, you have questions about Spins & Labs, right?

Spins = Workstation with different flavors alias DE’s ; Desktop Environments
Labs = Tailored installations for specific Professional & Hobby applications.

Both of them, you can install separately.
If you use sudo dnf groups list you see what is available.

For a Linux beginner I would propose to use the Live Iso’s

And for an more advanced user, I would encourage to look in to the iso’s and investigate with dnf, on what groups the Spin or Lab relies.

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