Fedora Robotics Suite

Anyone have any experience with this particular version of Fedora? My niece is very into robotics and I’d like to install this for her. Is it immutable like Silverblue and therefore uses rpm-ostree? Or is is based on regular Fedora? I have some experience with the immutable versions, but not the other kind. Is it GNOME based or something else?

Robotics Suite (fedoraproject.org)

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That is a traditional Fedora Lab. Labs are basically a set of preinstalled packages, while Spins are different Desktop variants.

There is no robotics immutable image yet, but if you want to build one using the ublue toolkit, that could give a way better experience for your niece!

Just take bluebuild, find the kickstart file of the robotics suite and preinstall all those packages on a silverblue base. Then you can test, change stuff to flatpaks etc, but having everything as RPMs would be totally fine too.

Thanks for the reply. What you’re suggesting is way beyond my technical ability. But I’ll install it and see if I can make it work.

Haha, yes I see that it sounds complicated. I want to try to make my own atomic desktop, and if I succeed I could show you how to do that too.

Its just the base, creating a key, a small config and adding or removing packages from a base image.

You would take Silverblue or Kinoite, and then replicate what the robotics lab does, but using rpm-ostree.

Until then the lab should be just fine.