Qt-based apps use low-quality black and white emoji

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Qt-based applications will often display poor-quality, black and white emoji characters.


Qt does not recognize the ‘emoji’ generic font family, as defined in the W3C CSS Font Module standard. The way things should work is that Qt should look for the best implementation of the ‘emoji’ font family to display emoji characters (just as it would look for the best implementation of the ‘monospace’ family to display monospace text). This should result in it using the high-quality color renditions from the google-noto-emoji-color-fonts font, as we intend. However, Qt does not do this, so it instead winds up using lower-quality emoji renditions from a font that is marked as a member of the ‘serif’ family (Symbola).

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: #1954359
Upstream report: Qt #85744


You can save this file as /etc/fonts/conf.d/75-noto-color-emoji.conf to work around the problem. It would be best to remove it, or at least drop the section headed <!-- This adds Noto Color Emoji as a final fallback font for the default font families. -->, once a proper fix appears in Qt.


A candidate fix for this issue has been submitted to the updates-testing repository for testing. If you are experiencing this problem, please help test this update and then report to Bodhi if it solves the problem — or not!

To install this update on your system, run this command: sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update --advisory=FEDORA-2023-e430c01bb1

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The update above doesn’t resolve the issue, please ignore it.

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