Browser and System apps using emoji in radom places instead of the aplhabet/number/symbol

Screenshot from 2024-05-04 15-04-53
Screenshot from 2024-05-04 15-05-33

Apps/System-Apps using emoji (noto color emoji) in place of alphabet/number/symbol. this also like gives random spaces in reddit and other websites

Using Ubuntu Font Famiy System wide, peviously tried setting up Google’s Product Sans as systemwide then switched to Ubuntu. Using other fonts in firefox doesnt help

System Info
Fedora Version - 40
Gnome Version - 46
Kernel - 6.8.5-301.fc40.x86_64
GPU - Intel Iris Plus Graphics G1 (Ice Lake)
Window Manager - Mutter
Display : Scaling - 1920*1080 60 : 1.00

Which method did you use to change your default font?

used the fonts.conf file, somehow found the file again and reverted the changes today, all is normal now, thanks for concern tho