Qbittorrent on fedora 39

I am using fedora 39 workstation and it is fully updated. I installed qbittorrent recently via dnf command. When i click on the app, it does not launch. When i type ‘qbittorent’ gnome-terminal it launches with unusable and broken UI. I see the following error which indicates either a broken mesa lib or my nvidia driver is screwed :
t.core.qobject.connect: QObject::connect: No such signal QPlatformNativeInterface::systemTrayWindowChanged(QScreen*)
qt.core.qobject.connect: QObject::connect: No such signal QPlatformNativeInterface::systemTrayWindowChanged(QScreen*)
MESA: error: ZINK: failed to choose pdev
libEGL warning: egl: failed to create dri2 screen

Please tell me how I can bring a working qbittorent ?

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For the issue, try to use qbittorrent from flathub.org. first setup the flathub repository.

It might be helpful to send a screenshot of the UI.

Also run journalctl -f --priority warning in another terminal window, and send the output after launching qbittorrent.

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Thanks @computersavvy and @boredsquirrel . This is my first post, so i did not know that it is going as header. It was not done intentionally. Wont happen again from me. Attached is the screenshot of the UI i am referring to.

when i do journalctl -f --priority warning in one window and launch qbittorrent in new window. No new messages appear.

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Does the flatpak from flathub have the same issue?
Link to the flatpak: https://flathub.org/apps/org.qbittorrent.qBittorrent

This looks like a theme issue to me. Do you use a custom theme for GNOME? qBittorrent is Qt and GNOME is known for f**ing up Qt apps.

Using the flatpak may help, but is a bad workaround.

GNOME is annoying with that, but can you send this?

cat /usr/share/applications/qbittorrent.desktop

(Not sure how it is called)

There might be a problem with the desktop entry having a weird Exec= line

You are right. I did try to install custom theme from gnome-looks.org. But it didn’t workout well. For example gnome-terminal would have the window decoration of the theme but the firefox would refuse the load the theme and instead use gnome default theme. So i removed the theme by using extension manager. But still qbittorrent displays the same black window. I checked the file under /usr/share/applications/ for something named like bittorrent and i found odd named file. The file name was org.qbittorrent.Qbittorrent.desktop. So i renamed it to qbittorrent.dekstop but no luck. Exec= line looks good to me. Here is the content of the desktop file :

$ cat /usr/share/applications/qbittorrent.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=qbittorrent %U
GenericName=BitTorrent client
Comment=Download and share files over BitTorrent

# Translations
GenericName[af]=BitTorrent kliënt
Comment[af]=Aflaai en deel lêers oor BitTorrent
GenericName[ar]=عميل بت‎تورنت
Comment[ar]=نزّل وشارك الملفات عبر كيوبت‎تورنت

Please suggest how to get it to display properly.

Thank you.

I removed the theme from use and now qbittorrent loads fine. Thanks for pointing me in right direction. It was in fact themes that was messing up the Qt app. Now the app launches like :

I wanted the looks of apple macos on my fedora workstation. Seems like it brings more pain than the benefits of the looks.

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