Python 3.10 crashes on startup, but I have no idea why

I’m running KDE Plasma on Fedora 39. Python crashes every time I log in and I have no idea why. I tried to report it with abrt, but I got this:

Help please.


Update: It looks like it was a dependency on ZapZap, a flatpak app.

What do you use python 3.10 for?
Are you using 3.10 installed from Fedora RPMs?
Can you update to use the system version 3.12?

Some application that uses python is crashing on boot.

You basically will want to open ABRT, find the python report, click more info and there you might learn which application is crashing.

When you updated to fedora 39 it should have automatically updated python to 3.12. It did so for me.

Since python 3.10 and python 3.12 are not compatible in many ways it is always best to use 3.12 for the system installed applications and if you have apps that require a different version of python then install the other version in a venv so it remains separate from the system python.

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I think it was installed as a dependency on a flatpack app (ZapZap)

Botb are installed.

It looks like ZapZap pulled it in. It’s a flatpak app.

I would not ever install that app due to this which is on the info at flathub.


Another source for the app.

90% of legit apps on Flathub have that warning

This is one reason I stay away from the immutable spins and use Workstation. I can use the rpms and am not forced to use flatpaks.

I use the regular KDE Spin.

Also, copr repos aren’t necessarily safer than Flatpaks.

Agreed, but I stay with fedora and rpmfusion repos almost exclusively.

I don’t see how - unless it told you to execute something using sudo - ZapZap could have caused a base system app to be installed, since by default Flatpak installations happen under the user’s privileges, and you as a user wouldn’t have had permissions to write into /usr/bin. So I think it goes back to, somehow you have ended up with either only an older Python version that doesn’t match the rest of your installed OS (Fedora 39), or with multiple Python versions installed - either of which could cause problems with Python apps.

As a side note - there’s a difference between “Potentially unsafe” because of the variety of reasons that can be listed, like using X11 instead of Wayland, and “Potentially unsafe” because of full file system read/write access. FWIW, I just looked at the first 30 apps on Flathub’s “Popular Apps” page, and only 5 of them have “Full file system read/write access” declared.

I’m pretty sure installing ZapZap didn’t “install Python 3.10” on your system, but instead that ZapZap ships its own copy of Python 3.10 for itself.

What the crash means is not actually a problem with Python, but that the python script that ZapZap runs is crashing.

So the correct thing would be to report either on the flathub manifest repo (if it can be assumed it’s a flatpak-specific issue) or on the upstream repo (if the packaging doesn’t matters).