Package list - what version of python in f38


On Fedora 39 we have /lib64/
What was the version on Fedora 38? I have been looking, I might have missed it, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

should be

rpm -ql python3.11 will list you all files that the package provides.

Yeah, no, I already upgraded to Fedora 39 (or I’m understanding the rpm suggestion wrong)
Anyway, the libpython3.12 crashed my kodi, so I’ll have to look into fixing that.

F38 used python 3.11, F39 updated to python 3.12.
You can find lists of the changes, here

Kodi from rpmfusion is works without issue on f39 for me.

I have the same one. Any scraper I use crashes kodi for me :frowning:
Same thing with the flatpack edition.

I don’t really want to start over.