PXE install with VLAN

Up until now we have installed (the old) CoreOS via PXE with VLAN support by basically overriding the initramfs with an additional cpio which provided the vlan configuration. I wanted to ask if the dracut vlan option is now supported in Fedora CoreOS as I can’t find any documentation on that option except for issue #50 on the github tracker where it was mentioned once.

That would be great feature to have otherwise, as not all our machines support native VLANs on their ports.

The new FCOS installer is just a live-PXE, so it should allow what you need via custom dracut cmdline arguments (i.e. vlan as you mentioned).

I am not aware of anybody trying this before, so we’ll be happy to hear back the result.

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That sounds great. Then I’ll have to kick off the upgrade process here in due time.