Installing via PXE


I tried to install CoreOS via PXE, first on a VM to test (Hyper-V), goal is to run a few small hardware boxes as a cluster.

After many attempts I finally succeeded, but following are IMHO not nicely documented (e.g. on the coreos installer github page):

  • coreos.inst=yes needs to be set.
  • Installer complained, that image URL (coreos.inst.image_url) was not specified, but is optional per documentation.
  • Example for target device (coreos.inst.install_dev) is given as /dev/sda in the docs, but needs to be specified as sda only.

If desired I am willing to create a PR against GitHub docs of coreos installer, but as I am new to CoreOS, I wanted to check first whether my observations are accurate.


Whoops, you got caught in the transition between the old installer and the new one. All of those points are true for the old installer only. The new installer is now included in the current set of releases, so hopefully your next install experience will be a little better. :slightly_smiling_face:

In particular, check out the documentation for PXE installs:

pxe install not working for us neither bare metal nor virtual even if we try /dev/sda and sda /dev/vda and vda. and the resulting: Press enter to maintenance.

Hey @lfarkas - Are you using the latest version released? If so can you open an issue against and include as much detail as you can?

@larsac - are you still having trouble?

open an issue (yes the latest release).

@dustymabe I had gotten things to work with the changes mentioned in original post. However, my priorities changed and I went off to different platform.