CoreOS: Add NIC Driver

I am attempting to install the driver for the Intel x710 network interface card on Fedora CoreOS. The drivers I have downloaded from Intel are in .rpm files. I cannot install then with rpm -Uvh as instructed: when I try to do so, I find that I have missing dependencies. I can download those dependencies and try the same thing, and eventually I get to the lowest level dependency and rpm fails to make a lock file in /var (which is read-only) and aborts. I have also tried to install the driver with rpm-ostree install driver.rpm, but this fails as /sysroot is also non writeable.

I have learned of the CoreOS assembler project. Is this the correct way to go for making such a modification, or what is the proper way to do so?

Driver files or alternative driver files

Hello @vpseg
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/var on coreos and on silverblue is read/writable, user home is in /var/home/username/
/sysroot is definitely not writable.
AFAIK coreos uses an ignition file for the deployment configuration, which includes drivers. Perhaps you should check into making your own ignition file. I have made one small one just to do a bare min install on a machine but nothing involving networking. However the file is created in yaml, which is very human readable, then converted to ignition for the installation process. Good luck Producing an Ignition Config :: Fedora Docs