Proposing a Silverblue SIG

I think the first thing on the agenda should be…
What is Silverblue and what’s it’s target audience.

When I first heard of Silverblue it was on version 30, I read it was atomic and immutable. This to my understanding was that this OS does it’s own system administrated work and I shouldn’t be able to destroy it, which I found attractive.

To me, the target audience is the user

Naturally I was curious to break it on purpose. If anything I would just reinstall this system. Rinse, wash, repeat. Only thing that stopped this cycle was setting up the home folder over and over again. If you distro hopped you know what I mean. Thus, my interests in homed.

Even thou we have the options to overlayer on the OS, I think the target audience is still the User.

In my general opinion, Fedora, like many other distros concentrate on system administrators and not really on the User. This makes Silverlue more appealable to the User. Straight to work OS, just like GNOME’s desktop.