Proposal to drop Fedora Media Writer from pre-installed apps

Hello everyone!

I want to propose dropping Fedora Media Writer from pre-installed apps of Fedora Linux. In my opinion it’s unnecessary and (a bit) bloatware.

Think about:

  • GNOME Disks does a much better everything that Fedora Media Writer does, and more
  • It’s better if users download the ISOs directly from
  • Fedora Media Writer has too limited features. For example, it can’t show content or other details of target storage device. This means that users can accidentally delete important data or users need check content of the target device with GNOME Disks before writing, and then why don’t just write with GNOME Disks?
  • Bloatware is against the mission of Fedora Project
  • I know many, many users that removes Fedora Media Writer immediately from their new Fedora Linux installs

What do you think?

I dunno. I use Fedora Media Writer quite often. I find it very reliable and never failed me. But I will not reject the idea of removing it from the default installation (like Cheese, simple scanner and libreOffice).


I need to ask, why? GNOME Disks do all the same and shows content of the storage device. Also I think GNOME Disks is much more robust software.

And, of course, I don’t propose remove Fedora Media Writer from the Fedora repositories. You get it from there always.

What?! Does Fedora will drop GNOME Cheese, GNOME Document Scanner or LibreOffice from default installation? I know just about changing GNOME Cheese to GNOME Camera (codename snapshot).

Sure, but more is not always better — for making install media, we want something that focuses on that and doesn’t offer you an opportunity to choose the wrong things.

That’s where Media Writer gets them. Why enforce an extra step?

It does one job and does it well.

“Bloatware” implies something that runs by default and takes up resources. Beyond a small bit of space, this isn’t that. It also seems directly in line with our mission — it helps our community provide software to users without hassle.

I mean, their time is their own, but… what problem are they addressing here?


Pre-installed apps provide a good starting point for less experienced users. More advanced users can tweak their installation after install or just install what they want from netinstall ISO choosing the software they want.
(this same reply applies for the “drop fpaste” thread)

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I agree what Mattia said and I also made my comment in fpaste and gonna say same thing, “simple and easy” to use. Idea is open the writer choose your ISO plug your usb and wait for download/write.

I think fedora media writter is not useful though it is a good media writter but most if not 90% of users does not need it on daily basis. it is like one time app you will use and forget so adding this as default does not make any point.

Fedora Media Writer does one job and does it it good. For most average users it is enough to boot Fedora install media.

Fedora Media Writer does one thing and it does it very well, why would I want to go through extra steps using Gnome Disk Utility to achieve the same thing. If you don’t want, then feel free to remove it, but it provides a basic piece of easy to use functionality. This is not bloatware it only executes if I decide to use it, and I use it quite a lot.

In short the project will never have the perfect list of apps preinstalled for all users, deal or spin up your perfect iso and install from that.

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Instead of removing software I would prefer to have a slim install version of the Workstation image. Without preinstalled Software who uses a lot of memory. A good basis also for older devices who are enough powerful to use Gnome 45 but with a limited space of disk/ssd and or network bandwidth.

Media-writer is a great tool.

I fully agree but this is unnecessary for almost all of us. As we move to fedora now there is no point to have media writer if i need i will install it with gnome software.
Look into this that silverblue does not include a office which most of the users need but it does include a media writer.
Office such as libreoffice or whatever office suite is more important than having media writer as users install os maybe in a year maybe some never install by themselves

I agree that Media Writer is a great tool.I use it quite often to to burn iso’s to usb sticks.While I don’t reinstall Fedora unless I break something it’s a nice tool to have and yes it can be installed if it’s not pre-installed but for people new to Fedora they would not know what it is.

I think it’s also nice that it’s the same experience on Windows as well.

Whenever I get a new laptop, I use the built in browser to download Fedora Media Writer and wipe the laptop and put Fedora on it.

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Unless they are like some of us who have multiple machines coming and going on a regular basis. Fedora Media Writer is essentially a utility, not shipping with it at least on Workstation would be like shipping without a terminal application.

Yes but like us we know what to use so we can easily download whatever software needed. We don’t need preinstalled apps that mostly for the 10% users and also those are already tech savvy enough.

Once again it comes down to arguing that something should not be there because user x does not personally use it, but plenty of people do and why should they have to manually install it when it literally takes up next to no storage, does not run some background service that is hogging resources, is completely inoffensive, and actually serves a purpose. I just don’t get the desire to cut it.

The only way to know is just put a poll in mastodon or twitter so we can have a good view…

Or leave it alone because a large chunk of the user base does not use social media if the telemetry bruhaha is any indicator.

This one is having identity problems. Am I “Twitter” or “X”? Should I whistle, chirp or X? :rofl:

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