Proposal: Create your own, private, meta search engine with Searx and Podman

I recently discovered Searx and have been extremely impressed by it. I think this will be interesting to a lot of our users, and will make a great educational overlap of online privacy, open-source/self-hosted alternatives, and containers.

The layout I’m considering is roughly:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background about Searx
  3. Light background about podman.
  4. Getting a rootless searx going locally
  5. Auotomating your rootless searx instance with --pull always, podman generate systemd and systemctl --user
  6. Setting Searx as your default search engine in the Firefox web browser and taking a light look around.
  7. Conclusion.
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+1 from me. It sounds like an interesting topic. Just a suggestion on introducing Podman, maybe just link to the few articles there have been written about Podman for that.

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That’s what I meant by “light” intro. I’ll basically just define podman (container engine, alternative to docker etc.) then link a few “find out more” articles from Magazine and/or Red Hat.

Sounds good to me. I created card 316 for you. Happy writing!

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