Problems with XBox controller


I cant seem to connect my XBox controller using bluetooth anymore after upgrading to Fedora 33.

I have both kernel-modules-extra and the xpad driver installed.
On pairing, the Gnome settings dialogue says connected for the XBox Controller, but the light keeps blinking.

There are no joystick devices in /dev/input/js* . It does not even show up in /dev/input/by-id/*

Output of dkms

$ sudo dkms status
xpad, 0.4, 5.8.16-300.fc33.x86_64, x86_64: installed (original_module exists)

Output of modprobe

$ sudo modprobe -vvv xpad
modprobe: INFO: custom logging function 0x55f5f274f870 registered
modprobe: INFO: context 0x55f5f2d2f570 released

What am I doing wrong? Any help/additional debugging tips would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the same problem before. I found the solution on the Arch wiki. Gamepad - ArchWiki

You have to run echo 1 > /sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm as root.


Thanks @rosepeach for the solution.

While not necessary, I also came across xpadneo which I have been using since some time, since it supports better rumble fine-tuning.

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