Problems with NFS mounts with newer kernels

On my small server I mount a QNAP NAS via NFS. But with newer kernels it does not work anymore. The last working kernel is 5.16.9. All after that can no longer mount the NFS share.
The error pattern is:

  • no error message
  • if you go into the mounted directory the computer freezes
    I am desperate. What can be the reason for this? What can I do?

This has come up a few times recently. The workaround is to connect with NFSv3. QNAP connections over NFSv4 seem to be broken at the moment.

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I’ve had the same issue but with Synology. I’ve reverted to NFSv3. NFSv4 will not mount no matter what I do.

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NFSv3 I can’t use unfortunately, but - good news - with kernel 5.16.15-101 NFSv4 works again.
Thanks to the developers!