NFS client not work and noerror!

My NFS share no longer mounts. The share is on a NAS server (QNAP) and it is functional. Tested with another PC. The fstab is identical to mine.

I have no firewall active on my machine, nor selinux. The ping sees the server and responds correctly. By the way, on this NAS, there is also a Samba share that works well on my machine.

I’m trying to remember if I updated before the malfunction but it’s impossible to tell. One thing is for sure, I have restarted the NAS server. But since the other PC (linux Mint), is working fine, I excluded the server sharing.

showmount -e server.home

outputs the share list correctly. with “*” for each.

All share is same and like that :

server.home:/Public /media/server/Public nfs4 rw,auto,_netdev,user,tcp,nofail 0 0

service rpcbind status

Is started but was not. This did not change anything.

And if I do :

sudo mount /media/server/Public

There is no timeout, no error and it never ends, at least after 15 minutes…

Of course I am up to date on Fedora 35. I had to decend to legacy the crypto to be able to connect to the VPN of my box.

sudo update-crypto-policies --set LEGACY

And I have Oracle Virtual Box installed. No virtual machine is started when I try to mount the shares.

I am at the end of my knowledge. Does anyone have an idea?

It looks like this workaround worked for someone else recently with QNAP:

Thank you, that was it. Putting in nfs version 3 works, of course I had to activate nfs v3 on the Qnap.

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These are all similar