20220227.2.1 breaks NFS mount for QNAP

Just thought I’d mention it here, the latest testing 20220227.2.1 with the 5.16.x kernel breaks NFS with QNAP nfsd.
As mentioned here
2055362 – NFS mount hang on kernel 5.16.10
FS#73860 : Linux i5 5.16.10-arch1-1 kernel: NFS don't mount anymore
6f283634 / 1976b2b3 breaks NFS (QNAP/Linux kNFSD) — Linux NFS

Right now I’m trying to change back to stable stream to give me a week, other than that i’m not sure how to workaround this.


Thank you @perosb for reporting this issue. Can you find (or open) a BZ against the Fedora kernel for this issue? Please do open a FCOS issue and link to that BZ if you don’t mind.

I opened this after I posted here 20220227.2.1 breaks NFS mount for QNAP servers (kernel 5.16.x) · Issue #1121 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub
It also links to the same as above (one which is bz kernel).


Thank you sorry I had missed your GH issue.

Announcement about this over in Latest kernel update can cause NFS mount failures