Problems with flatpak apps and VMware

I’m having a strange problem using kernel 6.6 and flatpak apps, after I started a VM with VMWare Player.

If I boot the system, I can use flatpak apps normally, but if I start a VM in VMWare Player, the flatpak apps can’t be started anymore. I call them but they simply not start, even if I use command line to run.

When I ran “flatpak ps” it shows me pid 0 for these apps I’ve tried to run (thunderbird, anydesk, for exemple).

And worse, I can’t shutdown my system, it hangs forever and not poweroff (one day I waited for 24h and it not shutdown).

Also, when I click on the pane where it has the network connections, vpn, volume and etc, if I toggle one of them it not work. So if I try to disconect wifi, or vpn, and then connect again, not work.

I don’t have any clue why this is happen, but I’m certain that it’s always happen after a VM on VMWare Player was started.

When I was on kernel 6.5 this problems not happened.

Where I should start to investigate?

I would start with the fact that VMWare is proprietary and does not always play well with linux. Kernel updates can break the modules that support the VM.

If at all possible I would suggest that you migrate your VM over to either libvirt with virt-manger or to VirtualBox, both of which work well on fedora (and both are 100% free of cost).

Yeah, indeed, using lib-virt solve my problem with vm, but what I don’t like it is the resolution of vm, the screen is too small for me, it’s difficult to read and if I scale the screen on windows, the apps don’t fits well.

But if I can’t solve this problem, I’ll have to use lib-virt anyway.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: I solve the problem of resolution simply connecting on my vm with Reminna (rdp client) now I can read the things without forcing my eyes or neck :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually don’t find any screen issues with virt-manager at full screen in the VM.

I also use libvirt and virt-manager with no problems with resolution. Usually within the vm I can set the resolution of the display to match the appropriate sized window for the vm. For example I can vary it from the default 1024x768 to whatever size I choose, up to full screen.

In fact on most of my VMs I have the display set to 1680x1050 and expand the window to fit so it is a comfortable size.