Problems in Recording Data on DVD/ CD

I have a Fedora 35 PC and a Windows 8.1 PC. When I record a DVD or CD, RW or R in Fedora using K3B or Brasero, I cannot write anything on it in the Windows PC and vice versa. The DVD or CD becomes unusable after that. Its driving me crazy. I must have lost a 100 DVDs/CDs by now.

I have not burned dvd’s for some years, but in k3b, you have two options that could be related to your issue.

  1. In the data project, you have the category “misc” where you can choose if it burns in multisession mode or not. If you do not use multisession, the CD/DVD will be finished and no additional data can be added to it. However, this would not explain if one system (Linux or Windows) can add further data while the other cannot. If this is the issue, a DVD/CD cannot be continued at all. As you want to write further data, you should stick with multisession mode. However, it is too long ago, so I do not remember if there can rise compatibility issues with multisession mode (you may check out using your preferred search engine).

  2. In the data project, you have in the category “filesystem” the possibility to chose between “Linux/Unix only” and “Linux/Unix + Windows”. Obviously, you should choose the latter for your purpose :slight_smile:

As stated by @py0xc3 the DVD, can be multisession or (by default) not.

If not multisession then the dvd will be closed when the writing is done and it should be usable on either system but cannnot be added to.

If multisession then all the data on the disk should be available and as long as it has not been finally closed it can have data added.

I just checked on mine, and with a new data project I had to then select ‘project’ then ‘properties’ off the menu bar to see the filesystem tab. The default was “Linux/Unix + Windows”.

Under the misc tab you have the choice to start, continue, or close a multisession disc. If you are planning to add data to the same disc at a later time you should be using multisession mode.

Since it appears you are trying to write data from both windows and linux to the same disc it is apparent that you should be using multisession mode on both systems. You should realistically also be using the same software for burning from both systems, though that is not absolutely necessary.

Try using multisession mode.

When I tested it with k3b on fedora it closed the first session and was readable on my windows laptop. I then added a second session from fedora, and all the data was again available on my windows laptop.

After I selected to close the multisession mode the last data I wrote closed the disc and nothing more could be written to it, though everything I had written in all sessions was available.