Does Fedora support reading and burning of Blu-Ray discs?

Hi! I thought I’d ask about blu-ray disc support in fedora, because I haven’t received a clear answer from anyone as to whether fedora supports burned blu-ray data discs natively.

so I tend to make all very important backups on blu-ray discs. Why? Because blu-ray disc is superior archoving format. They last much longer compared to hard discs, they don’t get corrupted easily and they are not sensitive to things like static electricity, and data rot happens very slowly compared to any other hard drive currently available.

I have made all these backups in Windows, and Windows supports reading and writing natively to all blu-ray discs, at least at the moment. by this, I mean all Blu-ray discs from 25 GB to 128 GB discs. I’ve researched the matter a bit, and some say that k3b should work, but there is a bit of conflicting information on this as well. So my question is, Is it possible to make backups on Blu-ray discs in Fedora and does Fedora read all Blu-ray discs (ie you can, for example, copy files to a computer via the file manager) natively?

I think it’s a bit strange that the linux community has ignored blu ray discs almost completely. There doesn’t seem to be good support pages anywhere on the internet about blu-ray backups in linux. I personally think that everyone should back up important files to blu-ray discs, because blu-ray disc is currently the only good long-term archiving format out there.

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TLDR: Yes, you can backup data to Blu-Ray via k3b and cdrtools, among other options.

Review: cdrtools which isn’t included in the Fedora production repository because of licensing issues. It’s explained in the linked article. It explains the alternative that is available in Fedora, or you can download cdrtools from 3rd party repositories such as negativo17 or rpmfusion.

Sad to say I just found out (via the linked article) that the developer of cdrtools, Jörg Schilling, who maintained cdrtools for over two decades, died on October 10, 2021.

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I see. Sad to hear that he passed away :frowning:

Thank you for your reply. I have heard about this tool before, but personally I have never tried it before.

At this moment, I don’t have an empty 100gb disk so ATM I can’t test whether this tool works without any issue with bigger blu-ray discs.

if anyone else here has experiences with burning blu-ray discs, it would be nice to hear your experiences related to this topic!