Problem with F37 after resume from suspend

My preferred desktop in cinnamon on x11. I also have installed gnome, kde, lxde, xfce, mate and plasma. The box is an intel i9/Asrock z590.

When the machine resumes, after logging the desktop appears dead (unresponsive) except for the bottom bar. If I wait patiently for 5-10 minutes it eventually responds. If I rt-click an icon it will sometimes ask me to force quit.

This does not happen with any of the other desktops nor does it happen with cinnamon on an F37/amd/asrock box.

----Revised info-----
When running Mate, the desktop is responsive immediately after resuming. It is the top bar that remains unresponsive for about 5 minutes. If I click on the fedora icon and wait, eventually the menu will drop down, but only after the ~5 minute delay.

Can anyone explain this and/or suggest what to do about it.