Problem external screen with Lenovo USB-C dock


I have a LENOVO L15 laptop with FC35 connected to a LENOVO USB-C Mini Dock.
I have connected an external screen on the mini dock but it is not detected.
On the mini dock i tried to connect on VGA or HDMI port; the result is the same - not detected.
All over devices (ethernet/usb) of minidock are detected.

Do you have a solution?

Thanks for your help,


I’m guessing that plugging display into built-in port on the laptop works just fine?

Which port are you utilizing while connecting the dock to the laptop?

As I see per spec-sheet, first (top) usb-c port is gen1 for charging only, while the second one is gen2 and is used for connecting the external dock.

Unfortunately I cannot really test the exact situation, but if it’s worth anything, t490 with usb-c pro-dock works like a charm, even with 2 displays connected to the dock.

Maybe display configuration matrix on Lenovo support site might provide you with additional “supported configurations”