Gnome and Lenovo X1 Gen4 and multiple external screens ignored

I am using F38 and kernel 6.7.5-100.fc38.x86_64 and as of Monday 26th Feb multiple monitor set-up is no longer working. Only the internal laptop screen.
This has been working using USB-C v3 ports for over a year. I have x2 USB-C ports on this laptop. Connected with the external monitor I see no monitor recognized. Samsung in this case.

If however I use a USB Type-A port on the laptop to a USB-C connected to Samsung monitor it is again ignored in Settings window. But this time the monitor is recognized when listing connected with the USB Type A port.

$ lsusb|grep Samsung
Bus 003 Device 014: ID 04e8:f649 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Samsung Type-C Monitor

I have an onboard HDMI port that does work. But only one. I have 2 additional monitors.

Any advice on diagnosing what’s at issue here ?

Thanks in advance,

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