No external USB-C monitor detection on my Thinkpad T14s AMD Gen3 powered by Fedora 38, maybe after firmware updates


USB-C external monitor detection no longer works on my Fedora 38.

At the end of July, detection was working well.

Here’s all the information:

I have a feeling that the problem occurred after the firmware Lenovo (ThinkPad) ThinkPad X13/T14s Gen 3 AMD was installed, I have upgraded from version 0.1.25 to 0.1.31

These two external monitors are detected when I connect the Thinkpad via USB-C to HDMI.

Question: have you had this problem in the last 3 weeks following a firmware or kernel update?

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Problem corrected this morning.

This may be due to the upgrade of Kernel 6.4.11 to 6.4.12 (changelog).