Prefer RPM repository over Flatpak

Is it possible to “tell” Software to prefer RPM over Flatpack? Every time I search for something it wants to install flatpack, and I don’t like it. I couldn’t find any settings where I can set such preferences.



This is something I also want.

Basically, Software should allow user to filter based on Source and Type:

  • RPM vs Flatpak
  • Source Repositories

The current trend is to take away control from users and have algotrithms do the thinking that users used to do in the good old days.

Like all these alerts and what not and “reminders” and that obnoxious stuff.


Simply disable the flatpak repo and it will no longer try that. Using dnf instead of the gnome software app gives you better control.


I personally have had moments where the software I wanted was only available through a Flatpak. I agree that it is often faster and easier to install software that you know you can find in the repos via DNF, but that isn’t going to apply in all situations and having the ability to change the prioritization order in gnome-software would still be better than not having it.

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I use the dnf CLI to make sure that happens. :laughing:


Here is the solution, for future Fedora users stumbling on this thread as I have, and in case the others here haven’t found the solution themselves over the past 2 and a half years:

  1. close Software and open a terminal
  2. run gsettings get packaging-format-preference to confirm current priority order and the correct format (in case they change it)
    a. mine was ['flatpak:fedora-testing', 'flatpak:fedora', 'rpm'] even though I have the first one disabled in Software
  3. run gsettings set packaging-format-preference "[<preference-list>]" with your desired order of priority
    a. I just moved 'rpm' to the front start of the array: ['rpm', 'flatpak:fedora-testing', 'flatpak:fedora']

No root or sudo needed, and you don’t even need to reboot. I just opened Software and went to a program I know has both a Fedora Flatpak and RPM option, Geary, and it was showing the little red box for RPM instead of blue! Like magic!

I would say it’s surprising such a setting isn’t easily accessible, but that seems to be gnome’s identity these days; I’m just thankful they at least left a config thing to edit somewhere…

Those were very unhelpful, unnecessary responses.

OP and myself, and probably a lot of others, don’t want to completely avoid Flatpak and boycott all Flatpak-only programs on Fedora - we’re not talking about snap here, c’mon - or boycott the Software GUI itself, which is genuinely nice and helpful with screenshots and reviews and stuff. We just want a way to make it prioritise RPMs over Flatpak when both are available for the same program.

What was even the point of intentionally ignoring OPs question and spouting useless nonsense? smh

Note that unlike when this thread was originally posted, only Fedora flatpaks are preferred over RPMs by default. Given Fedora flatpaks naturally always have an RPM counterpart, an alternative would be to simply disable the Fedora flatpak remote in Software.

I agree that this should be configurable though, especially for those who want to prefer Flathub.

The command line using dnf ALWAYS prioritizes rpms. In fact it does not even manage flatpaks. That is done with the flatpak app so the user clearly determines which is being installed.

The software gui works differently and yes, it does require settings to meet users expectations since it is configured according to what the developer expects users to prefer – obviously not for everyone in that setting…

Those of us who use the cli do not have any issues with unanticipated results in that regard.

Thus, yes, my response which you quoted was focused on one way to eliminate the ambiguity you seem aware of and needed to find a work-around to solve.

Thank you for sharing that work around with us all.

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