I am puzzled by Gnome software behaviour on Fedora Silverblue: inconsistent suggestions for apps format (sometimes "rpm-ostree", or "archive rpm" or "flatpak"...strange hierachical order...)

Hi! Just using gnome-software on fedora silverblue 34…
But why does it proposes rpms instead of “flatpaks only” that was supposed to be the go-to of silverblue?
Isnt it breaking the whole “dont layer too much packages” paradigm?
Well a few things are odd on top of that.
For example here with “videos” the rpm is the first (therefore “default”) choice (i think flatpak was supposed to be, no?) and is called ‘Fedora (RPM)’.
But in other apps all different!
For exemple here with Chromium uses ‘‘archive rpm’’ and on second choice this time:
And Firefox uses " rpm-ostree", again second choice…Thats confusing a lot!:


Wait till you add Flathub beta / gnome-nightly repos, it gets really messy.

Off-topic and out of ignorance but I what’s the difference between “system” and “user” installations for flatpaks :confused: ?

I thought at one point that they were sorted by latest version, but now I haven’t a clue. Maybe it is by order of when the repo was activated and if it is in said repos? I’m sure the answer is out there somewhere.

The documentation mentioned it pretty simply:

Flatpak commands can be run either system-wide or per-user. Applications and runtimes that are installed system-wide are available to all users on the system. Applications and runtimes that are installed per-user are only available to the users that installed them.

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Not much from the users POV if they are also system admin, as it limits the user installations to the right level of the user.