Gnome software on Fedora Silverblue: seggestion of rpms?

Hi! Just using gnome-software on fedora silverblue 34…
But why does it proposes rpms? (Checking that looking for “videos” or “totem”…)
Is that normal behaviour? Isnt silverblue suppose to propose just flatpaks?
Screenshot attached…
Thank you for enlightenments!



we have the rpm-ostree and GNOME is the default desktop - therefore you have it in rpm-ostree and Flatpak.


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Thanks for the reply.
Well a few things are odd.
For example here with “videos” the rpm is the first choice (i think flatpak was supposed to be) and is called ‘Fedora (RPM)’.
Screenshot from 2021-05-20 08-22-39

But in other apps all different!
For exemple here with Chromium uses ‘‘archive rpm’’ and on second choice this time:

And Firefox uses " rpm-ostree", again second choice…Thats confusing a lot!:

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