Pre-requisite tasks for Community Architect 2024 internship with Outreachy

Hello! :wave: This topic is for all applicants in the Outreachy 2024 round applying to the Community Architect internship, also known as “Create an outreach strategy, write documentation, run a marketing campaign, and measure results”. If you are an applicant applying to this Outreachy internship, read on!

As a part of the selection process, we are asking ALL applicants to complete five “pre-requisite” tasks during the application phase. All five of these tasks should be completed by the deadline of the final application. You can also work on other tasks besides these five, but all applicants should achieve these five tasks before the deadline for final applications. We will ONLY consider final applications from applicants who have completed all five pre-requisite tasks.

You can look all of them up conveniently using this GitLab link, but a short description of each pre-requisite task is provided below.

We hope this gives those of you looking for your next task some guidance on where to start and what to focus on! You can reply to this Fedora Discussion topic if you have general questions, but if you have questions about a specific task, it is better for you to comment on the specific GitLab issue below.

Step 1: Set up your Fedora Account System (FAS) account (#153)

Complete your profile in the Fedora Account System. Upload a screenshot of your profile to this issue to verify completion.

Step 2: Set up a personal blog (#154)

Create a personal blog on a platform of your choosing. Post a link to your blog homepage or profile page on a large site to this issue to verify completion.

Step 3: Write a blog post that introduces the Fedora community to your audience (#155)

Write a blog post on your blog that introduces the Fedora Project, Fedora Linux, and the Fedora community. Post a link to your blog article to this issue to verify completion.

Step 4: Promote your intro blog post on social media (#156)

Write and publish social media posts on your personal accounts to promote your blog post written in #155. Add a comment here with links to your social media posts to verify completion.

Step 5: Write an onboarding guide for Outreachy 2025 applicants

Write a guide that describes best practices for onboarding to the Outreachy internship program and publish it on your blog. Add a comment to this issue with a link to your blog article to verify completion.


Thank you for sharing @jflory7

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Okay, working on it.

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Hi @jflory7, my tasks 153 and 154 hasn’t been checked and assigned to me yet. I am looking forward to them.

@nature365 They will be reviewed! See this task for more clarity on how the pre-requisite tasks will be reviewed:

Thank @jflory7 and @joseph. I’m working towards the completion of the tasks and more.

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