Outreachy 2024, Community Architect Intern: Submit pre-req tasks by Thursday, 28 March

This is a quick note for all Outreachy applicants who are applying to the Community Architect internship mentored by me and @joseph. This Discussion topic is to provide more details about how the pre-requisite tasks will be reviewed and what deadlines to keep in mind for completing them.

How pre-requisite tasks are reviewed

I am reviewing pre-requisite tasks per the instructions provided in the GitLab issue. If you have sufficiently completed a pre-requisite task, you will be assigned to that issue. Being assigned to a pre-requisite task means you have completed it and your contribution is accepted. An applicant MUST complete all pre-requisite tasks and have them verified before the final application deadline to be considered for the Community Architect internship. Submissions after April 2nd will not be accepted.

:green_circle: Option 1: Complete before 2024-03-28T16:00:00Z

Complete all your pre-requisite tasks before Thursday and your submissions will be reviewed BEFORE the Outreachy final application deadline. This means you will submit your final application with certainty that you meet our eligibility criteria for the Fedora Community Architect internship and your application will be considered.

:yellow_circle: Option 2: Complete before 2024-04-02T16:00:00Z

This is the hard deadline imposed by Outreachy for final applications to be submitted to project mentors in the Outreachy applicant portal.

Pre-requisite tasks completed before the Tuesday deadline WILL be reviewed and counted as valid if they pass all criteria.

They will likely NOT be reviewed before the final application deadline. You will not benefit from mentor feedback before the final application deadline, and there is a chance your contribution will not be accepted if it does not follow the instructions in the GitLab issue.

:red_circle: After 2024-04-02T16:00:00Z

Once the Outreachy final application deadline passes, any additional contributions may or may not be reviewed. If they are reviewed, they will be considered ONLY as ordinary contributions to Fedora, without influence over the final selection of the intern. Additional contributions can be made, but they will not have influence over the Outreachy intern selection in respect of the time commitments made by all applicants across the contribution phase.

However, if you wish to continue contributing to Fedora or if you would like feedback on unreviewed work by a Fedora mentor, this is still possible, of course.


If you have questions about the pre-requisite tasks or how contributions are reviewed, please ask as a reply to this Discussion topic! :speech_balloon:


Thank you