Community Architect 2024: Three tips after pre-requisites!

This post is for applicants in the May 2024 round of Outreachy, specifically applying for the Community Architect project.

The Fedora Outreachy project, “Create an outreach strategy, write documentation, run a marketing campaign, and measure results”, identified pre-requisite tasks that all Outreachy applicants are required to complete in order for their final applications to be considered for Fedora. These tasks represent essential types of work that the project mentors want to see applicants perform in the internship.

But this post is not about the pre-requisites themselves. It is about what happens after you complete the pre-requisite tasks! Once you complete the pre-requisite tasks and get assigned to all five issues, you are an eligible final candidate. What you do next is a combination of good timing and your own creativity to demonstrate your skill set leading up to the final application deadline.

Here are three tips from me on how to level up your final application before the deadline. @joseph, you are welcome to add any tips of your own here too.

Reach for the stretch goals.

Mentors have identified stretch goals as tasks that can be completed by all applicants but are not required for a final application to be submitted. Find those tasks here.

Stretch goals are your chance to show us your unique touch. They can be completed by anyone at any time. They could be done the same way every time… or you could think of ways of how you would build or elevate the task further.

If you cannot find anything else to work on, work on these.

Seek out an advanced task.

Mentors are regularly posting advanced tasks during the application phase. These tasks have a specific meaning:

  • Only one person can complete each advanced task.
  • These tasks are accepted as recognizable contributions in the Outreachy final application.
  • These are tasks that may take more time to understand or show your skills in a specific domain area.
  • Advanced tasks CAN be proposed by applicants, but they are not considered to count until a mentor labels them as an advanced task. It is assumed the applicant who proposes a task and the task is accepted by a mentor, will be the same applicant who works on the task.

Advanced tasks are not always available and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Mentors do their best to continue introducing new advanced tasks.

NOTE: An applicant can either be assigned one advanced task and work on the pre-requisite tasks, or assigned no more than two advanced topics after completing the pre-requisite tasks.

Build your (blog) brand.

Nothing else to do? Keep working on your blog that you made in the pre-requisite tasks. While you contribute to Fedora in this next phase, you are also building a portfolio for yourself. You may or may not get the internship, but you keep the portfolio and the brand that you build during these next few weeks.

Mentors will review your blog sites as a portfolio submission in the final application. We will only judge and assess the quality of the blog sites after the final application deadline[1]. So, be bold! :tada: :muscle: Use your blog as a place to showcase yourself and develop your personal brand. This includes look-and-feel, content organization, and your demonstration of yourself through your blog. Present to the mentors a blog that you are proud to call your own.

All the best in this next phase of the Outreachy round. :rocket: If you have made it this far, keep going! :muscle:

  1. Works-in-progress over the next couple of weeks is expected, so try something out! Experiment and build. ↩︎


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Thank you for this guide. It’s invaluable to this application process.

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I need some clarification. Can I make a recording and submit my final application if I have only completed the prerequisite tasks? Additionally, could you please clarify if a recording is needed for every task or only when we have finished all the tasks?

Thank you so much mentor Justin!