Power mode switches automatically to balanced after waking from sleep

Hello everybody!

I was pleasantly surprised after the upgrade from Fedora 34 to Fedora 35 to notice a power mode feature was added in the gnome settings on my thinkpad T14, which is not present on my sister’s laptop that also is on Fedora 35 now, so I guess it’s exclusive to some thinkpad maybe? Courtesy of Red Hat?

Anyway, as the title says, it switches automatically to balanced mode every time it wakes from sleep/suspend, whether or not AC is plugged in. I couldn’t find a way to set one mode as the default one, not in gnome tweaks either, is there some way to make it stay on power saver mode?

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Other hardware & other drivers = other functions

Hello @armandraynal ,
In a terminal there is powerprofilesctl list to get a list of available power profile options, then powerporfilesctl set <PROFILE> would be how to set the default PROFILE (which is highlighted with an asterisk beside it in the previous list option of the command).

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Thanks a lot for your reply Stephen!

Meanwhile I installed TLP, I thought it was installed, I think it might have been removed during the upgrade to Fedora 35, and since I installed TLP the power mode thing has vanished from gnome, I guess it’s not compatible with it and it’s one or the other, which would explain why the powerprofilectl list command gives me a systemerror, I think it would surely work nicely if I removed TP but I tuned it in details using TLP-UI, am quite happy with the result so am going to leave it there.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, installing tlp disables the services that the GNOME settings dialog relies on (though it’s debatable it should do that and not wait for it to be enabled first.)

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