Possible to skip initial setup of Fedora on ARM?


I’m using Fedora IoT and Server edition on my Raspberry Pis at home. It is getting annoying to have to hook them up to a display and keyboard to go through the initial setup every time I reinstall, so I’m wondering if there is a way around this?

The arm-image-installer offers the option --addkey to add a public ssh-key when writing the SD-card. With that I have been able to ssh in as root without running the initial setup. However, I’m afraid things don’t get properly initialized if I just skip it all together. It looks like the initial setup process is running in the background even after I create a user and reboot.

Is there a way to run it after I log in as root over ssh? Can I disable it somehow? I already know how to create a normal user and set the time zone, so I don’t really need the initial setup for that.

I’ve gotten away with just removing the package on Fedora images/templates that I’ve created in the past. To my limited knowledge, it doesn’t do anything special. It just allows a initial user account to be created without having to do so at installation time or by using the superuser account. The wizard does prompt for several extraneous things like online accounts. But I think most of that stuff is optional.

# dnf remove gnome-initial-setup

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Thanks! This lead me to a good solution I think.
On Fedora IoT it is not gnome-initial-setup but rather initial-setup, and it cannot be removed with dnf since it is part of the ostree. Anyway, I realized that it is simply a systemd unit that I can disable! :slight_smile:

systemctl disable --now initial-setup
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