Poor internet speed on fedora 37

I’ve just dual booted my laptop with fedora 37 and windows 11.
While I have internet connection speed of 300Mbps, and while testing I get an average of 200Mbps on all other devices and OS, but on my fedora 37, I’m getting average download speed of 30Mbps and upload speed of 5Mbps. I’ve tried solutions all over the internet but nothing worked for me.
Can anyone please help ?

Dit you test with power plugged in? On battery, lower speed could be caused by power saving modes.

Yes, I’ve checked, similar speed in both the case.

Is it slow on wired only, wireless only, or both? What model are your NICs?

I only have wireless connection so can’t test on wired, this is the NIC detail I suppose:

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I kind of expected it to be the infamous rtl8821ce.
Do not use the kernel driver, it is unstable for most revisions of this chip.

Install the driver from here, you will need dkms and kernel-devel packages. And you should blacklist rtw88_8821ce. The GitHub page has details on the installation procedure.

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There’s this issue mentioned,

Does it mean that in my case it won’t work after suspend too?
Because then it will be a even greater problem than what it is right now, as mostly I don’t turn off my laptop, it just suspends.

He is listing possible issues. I have been using this driver for more than one year and it never broke suspend, so try it out.

I have manually installed the driver following the procedure on github page but when I blocklist rtw88_8821ce, wifi is not working after rebooting. I have removed it from blacklist and now it’s working. I don’t understand what’s the problem here as the install was successful. Getting this on installing again:

Do you have secure boot enabled? If you have then you need to install openssl, remove then install the driver again and enroll a MOK as follows:
sudo mokutil --import /var/lib/dkms/mok.pub

Yes, I have secure boot enabled.
Sorry, but I didn’t understood the enroll a MOK. Can you please elaborate on what it is and how to do it ?

Enrolling public key on target system by adding the public key to the MOK list

thank you it worked!

it worked! Thank you so much!
Though still not getting full bandwidth, but much better than before, getting approx. 150Mbps download and 190Mbps upload.

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Glad it worked!
Keep in mind it may break sometimes when a major kernel update happens, generally the devs are quick to issue patches. If you need to update the driver open the folder rtl8821ce, run git pull then reinstall the driver.