[Poll] Docs meeting time

Docs team invites you a poll to ask you an alternate meeting time for 2023.

We are striving to find more suitable time slots for current and new contributors considering your different time zones and availability.

The poll is open until 21 Jan. WhenIsGood poll is set to Central European Time, so please select your location/time zone on the drop-down list on the top center of poll. WhenIsGood link is below.

Weekly meeting at the Fedora chat/IRC is a great opportunity for onboarding new contributors and discussing priority tasks and anything about documentation in the open.

Here are some pointers for anyone who wants to know more about Docs team and what we do.

Click here to know more about Docs team


Filled in my availability :grinning:

We have 8 respondents with no match.

Most match found: 3 preferred 18:00 UTC on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Please vote for your preferred time for Weekly Docs meeting. You can select multiple time slots.

Final vote for Docs meeting time
  • Keep the old one - Every Wednesday 19:30 UTC
  • 18:00 UTC Tuesdays
  • 18:00 UTC Thursdays

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Any thoughts about alternating times? For the time being, these meetings will be at 19:00 for me, and I am trying to be really good about not working so late. :slightly_smiling_face: That said, if it isn’t possible, my participation is more of a passive interest as I wanted to better understand how the Docs Team is doing and be present as a support. So, my participation is probably not the one to prioritize because I’m also not the one doing a lot of real docs work these days.

Given a wide spread of preferred time among eight respondents, it is hard to justify having two alternating times.

For the last few months, more interactions gravitated towards PR/MR comments and self-assignment of issues in GItLab and Pagure. I presume the culture of collaboration encourages async communication, which fits in well various timezones and lifestyle we have.

Given the result of initial vote (no match/split vote) and no response on final vote, the existing meeting time will remain the same - Every Wednesday 19:30 UTC

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