Policy for advertisement in the fedora magazine?

With interest I looked into actually acquiring a fedora t-shirt, as presented on Upgraded Fedora shirts - Fedora Magazine . However, then I noted that the store that the magazine post links to is owned by the author of the post - HELLOTUX. If the linked to organisation was a non-profit company, I would not say anything here. But I do not see an indication of that.

The discussion in the respective forum did not engage with the topic - so maybe it really is not an issue at all.

This just left me slightly confused. Until now I had the feeling that the magazine was a non-commercial space. Is it not, should it not be one? Do I have to expect more posts that try to sell me something?

I guess the ideal answer is that it is up to the community. Selling stuff definitely isn’t the primary purpose of Fedora Magazine. Its goal is to promote Fedora Linux and other FOSS. How much room there is for tangentially-related things is to me a bit of a gray area. Really, I just approved it without question because similar articles had been approved before. It looks like some of the older versions of these articles made statements like “With every Fedora t-shirt order, a portion of your purchase is donated back to those projects and to other charities.” It is entirely possible that I’ve overlooked some rule about what should be posted on Fedora Magazine. If so, just let me know. I think we could even take the existing post down if it is warranted.

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Also, I think that this site HELLOTUX have the approval from the Council to sell “Official materials” with the fedora branding.

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Thank you both for your thoughts. This is indeed helpful to hear for me.

Just to ensure that I am not misunderstood: I am not making a claim that the post is against a policy. I was simply surprised - and it helps me to get a sense of the community. And, yes, on the hellotux page, I note the claim that Fedora has approved the work with the brand.

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