Plymouth default theme malfunctioning


The default Plymouth of Fedora, aka ‘bgrt’, has been not working well on my machine.

When I boot up, instead of seeing the normal theme, I get a 3 dots screen.

This happen on update as well.

However, on shutdown the theme works just fine.

This only happens with this theme, if I try any other one it works without a problem.

I’ve already tried to reinstall Plymouth and all the themes, but it didn’t fixed the problem.

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It would be helpful to know what kind of display interface your system is using.

I guess that is going on is this:

At boot time, the initialization of the device driver is not quite ready when plymouth starts. So it doesn’t know that you system can do graphics. Later when shutting down, the display driver is now fully functional and you see theme as you have configured it.

If you have Nvidia, someone else needs to help you with that.

I’m so sorry, I’ve forgotten to tell the display interface. It’s a laptop with a
LED HD screen and my graphics card is AMD, more specifically a Radeon HD 6480G.

I was actually having doubts about that theory, but after switching my theme to spinner and rebooting, the theme didn’t showed up as I thought it would.

Also, on shutdown in X11 sessions, the theme doesn’t show up at all. But on Wayland the theme shows up.

I assume you know that you need to rebuild the initrd when changing the plymouth theme.

I rebuild the initrd every time I change the theme.

Maybe you can reach the experts via bugzilla. I am not familiar with your hardware.

It’s okay. Thanks anyways.