Plasmashell crashing

I recently installed Fedora 37, and plasmashell on Fedora 37 seems to be crashing a good deal more than on Fedora 36. In the journal, I see the following entries just before plasma-plasmashell.service exits.

Nov 16 07:01:22 thelio kwin_wayland_wrapper[1878]: unknown object (55), message get_surface_feedback(4no)
Nov 16 07:01:22 thelio kwin_wayland_wrapper[1878]: error in client communication (pid 51782)
Nov 16 07:01:22 thelio plasmashell[51782]: wl_display@1: error 1: invalid arguments for zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1@23.get_surface_feedback
Nov 16 07:01:22 thelio plasmashell[51782]: The Wayland connection experienced a fatal error: Invalid argument

I’m not sure exactly what steps are needed to reproduce this yet, but anecdotally, I have experienced it most when clicking on a launcher in the task bar. Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this?

  • plasma-workspace-5.26.2-1.fc37.x86_64
  • kwin-wayland-

I’ve been experiencing a different kwin crash with F37 that wasn’t occurring in F36. I filed a bug report with the KDE team, and I would encourage you to open one for your bug as well. There’s not much the Fedora team can do; this is likely a problem with the upstream code.

install updated qt, plasma and KDE frameworks (instruction at the top of this page):
You may need to remove qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld for now, if you have it.

In general drkonqi-coredump-gui and gnome-abrt help with reporting crashes to appropriate bug-trackers.


Yikes, that update broke more stuff (Screen Lock for example). I’m having the same issue where launching apps from the Task bar will cause Plasmashell to crash.

I’m a Linux novice, but was able to figure out how to rollback dnf updates. On the bright side, I learned something new today!

This update has been edited and fixed my Screen Lock issue. Maybe you got older version from outdated mirror.

I’m confused…I was able to remove the updates yesterday and the system went back to it’s previous state. This morning “Discovery” showed a lot of updates, I applied them and had the same issues…Lock screen message (broken), restart button not working, etc. I was able to back them out using the same dnf history command…

Just ran the Discovery update on another workstation and am getting the same errors… Damn it. Worse part is that I cannot roll this one back.