Plasma KDE wayland desktop broken with nvidia 545 driver - bugzilla's raised

I have an RTX3060 and just update to the rpmfusion nvidia 545 driver.
10 seconds after I login I am throw out of the DE and returtned to the login screen.

I have raise 2 bugs:

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Also Plasma X11 breaks after about a minute.

The latest driver isn’t just broken under KDE and X11…

Even in Gnome Wayland it crashes way more often than the 535.

I appreciate VRR in wayland but the driver crashing every hours or so is just unusable.

Didn’t crash for me (4090), but it is very much unusable.

…but Night Color finally works! :smiley:

Nvidia 545 drivers work for me with desktop (Workstation & Gnome) but Cuda 12.3 is broken. My apps running under boinc are unable to process data and boinc claims the GPU is missing.

I removed the 545 driver and reinstalled the 535 driver with cuda 12.2 and it is back to working
My GPU is RTX 3050.

After I downgrade kwin-wayland I can use the 545 drivers with KDE.

It seems that from a cold boot I will still see a problem on login.
The desktop does not appear until about 30s passes and then I’ll be kicked back to the login.
But a warm reboot from that state will get me to a working desktop and I can stay logged in.