PHP FPM can't start properly

Hello everyone. I have a problem after cleaning my system with Stacer. PHP FPM service in my system can’t start properly because log file can’t access. I feel very confuse what should I do. This screenshot can give you information about problem I mean. I did reinstall, erase, and install again repeatedly; but that problem can’t solve easily.

I use Fedora Workstation Edition.

Thanks for your help, sorry my English

Could you please add a link to Stacer?


  • check if the file exists, if not maybe create it using touch
  • check that the permissions of all the directories leading up to the file, and of the file itself, are correct.

I have no idea what Stacer does, but a reinstall should’ve corrected it.

Is FPM from the repositories, or from a third party source? (Could also be a bug in the package)

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Could be this:

I’d recommend not to use those kind of cleaners. Why does the app delete logs? Logs are super useful.

Long time Windows users probably think that you need some type of system cleaner, but you don’t. Better learn to monitor and manage you system manually. That way you learn a lot and you are in control.

PS: That particular software seems to be dead anyways, no release or bugfix since 3.5 years - delete it.

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This link to get Stacer.
I created that file too with touch command, but I don’t know what to set correct permission for log files, especially PHP FPM. So can you help to explain that?

I unaware Stacer delete that log. Before I gave confirmation to deleting in Stacer, I tick application log in Stacer scanning results. So can you give me suggestions for cleaning system? Thanks :pray:t2:

It was already mentioned that stacer was last updated 3 1/2 years ago. That old an app can be expected to potentially experience problems.
It was also mentioned that there is usually no need to do any cleaning (unlike windows which really builds up a lot of cruft and requires defrag often).

I think the best suggestion is to not do any cleaning since it is not required over 90+% of the time (probably more than 99% of the time). I have never done anything of that sort in over 3 years since my last fresh install, and with over 4TB of data in my home directory.

Ok, Mister. Thanks for your suggestions