Deleted log files by error with Stacer

Hi, I needed to free space for the hard drive, used Stacer to wipe logs.
Mistakenly, I thought it would truncate the files but in fact it deleted all directories and files.
How can I create all needed log files? Does a restart of fedora will allow to recreate log directories? Thanks in advance

Most likely it will back and I think no need to reboot for running time logs as long as the app you run (Stacer?) only delete the logs. Rebooting only create new logs relating to booting.

Hello, I needed to create manually httpd and cacti directories as well as log files in order to make Apache and cacti work. I have for example mysql and other apps I am not sure what will happen

You have encountered a very good example of why you should never just delete any files in the system area of your machine. A simple seeming error can cause all sorts of havoc.

This is the output of tree /var/log on my system after I removed all the files and left only the directories in the tree. The necessary files should be recreated by your system after a reboot as long as the directory structure is complete. There may be directories there that you do not need since I may have some things installed that you do not, and vice-versa.

├── aide
├── anaconda
├── audit
├── bacula
├── blivet-gui
├── chrony
├── cups
├── firebird
├── fwsnort
├── gdm
├── glusterfs
├── httpd
├── journal
├── libvirt
│   ├── libxl
│   ├── lxc
├── lightdm
├── mariadb
├── ppp
├── private
├── rkhunter
├── sa
├── samba
│   └── old
├── sphinx
├── sssd
├── swtpm
│   └── libvirt
│       └── qemu
├── xen
│   └── console

So many thanks, yes it was a big mistake. I did yesterday created 2 folders for httpd and mariadb which were not running and now they are good. I will create all the directories you mentioned