PC builders - what content creators, websites, forums, and resources do you like?

A few days ago I asked the following question to compare the difficulty of PC building to installing Linux. I suspected that people who are techy enough to build a PC are also techy enough to learn how to install Linux, and it seems like most respondents agree with me despite the tasks being a bit apples and oranges.

To that end I am looking for opportunities for the Marketing Team to engage with this community and get the word out that Fedora and Linux are better options to install than Windows once you finish your build.

  • What content creators do you like for PC building?
  • What are your favorite forums or subreddits for this?
  • Are there any other resources you use, like PC building sites or guides for best practices?

I only tried building a PC once and my other main exposure to this is Linus Tech Tips, so please enlighten me!

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Gamer’s Nexus, Hardware Unboxed

pcpartpicker.com - Also has forums

This probably goes without saying but it is worth noting that the overlap between the PC gaming communities and the PC building communities is pretty huge. If you wanted to use PC building community for advocacy you would probably have to convince them that Linux is good for gaming.


I don’t agree with that. I have built every PC I have used for my desktop(s) since, well the beginning, like before the IBM PC XT. I don’t generally game on my systems, I have a console for that. There are all kinds of people building PC’s for their own and others use, so to limit your audience to just gamers or being gamer-centric is just arbitrary limitation.

To be clear, I am not saying that all PC builders are gamers. I am saying that the online communities and influencers that cover PC building tend to be mostly gaming-centric. Thus, if we are trying to target those communities/influencers, we need to do so in a way that would interesting for those communities.

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