Passwordless Lockscreen, user can't log back in

Hi All

I’m currently setting up a few workstations for a FabLab and need a user account without a password. So far I’ve got SDDM allowing the account to login without the password by following the guide here

however the KDE lock screen seems to be a different service, and as such doesn’t use the same settings, resulting in the user unable to log back in if the session is locked.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the name of the “Lock screen” service (is it KScreenLocker?), as it looks like it isn’t the default SDDM, and not using the same “/etc/pam.d/sddm” file

Once again, spend a day working on an issue, only to find the solution after posting a help request.

So adding the following line to near the top of PAM file “/etc/pam.d/kde”

auth        sufficient user ingroup nopasswdlogin

lets a locked session for a user with no password get back in