My lockscreen/loginscreen has a totally blank background when i restart


I only started using Linux a few months ago. I first dabbled for a while in Ubuntu desktop/Ubuntu server on VM’s. Then i gave a second life to an old little HP Elitebook i had laying around first also installing Ubuntu desktop on it but after some research i discovered that Fedora 37 KDE Plasma would be more fitting for me.

So i just re-installed my Elitebook with Fedora 37 KDE Plasma 2 days ago and didn’t have any problems doing it. Then i customized it to my liking (Except the background from the lock screen for which i don’t have enough knowledge yet as to how to change it without breaking things). After that everything kept working fine except receiving this error yesterday:

sssd_kcm[2235]: Could not open file [/var/log/sssd/sssd_kcm.log]. Error: [2][No such file or directory]

So yeah as i’m still learning a lot off stuff i use chatgpt as a learning tool to correct me on my syntax or to give me some clues about errors. So in this case i created the missing log file after which this error was solved.

Today however upon restarting my PC i noticed that my login screen worked perfectly fine except for the fact that the whole background was completely blank:

And when logging back in everything also looked fine without any error messages:

So yeah it doesn’t have any other impact at the moment but it’sstill kind of a weird bug. As i only have 4GB of ram on this machine i wonder if it could be some kind of problem of being to slow to load the background while rebooting or something ??? Maybe someone has an answer here ?

Here are my specs:



One way to fix this, at gui, is going to system settings → startup and shutdown → login screen (SDDM) and change the breeze fedora to breeze for example. After that, if you want, you can change the background there too. You can install other SDDM themes too by clicking at the lower right “get new SDDM themes” button.

Screen locking is another thing, different from login screen.

You can change its behavior going to system settings → workspace behavior → screen locking and click on the appearence configure button:

Choose any image you want and click “apply”

You might selected a background where was in you home folder? The system needs access to the background file. If it is in your home system can not access it.

check with ls -al to see the user rights.


I am really sorry i thought i closed this inquiry because i ended up finding the solution myself not long after making it.

I am using a theme and did deactivate the linked theme background for the login screen by mistake. Once i did reactivate it my login screen wasn’t blank anymore and using the theme background.

So this issue can be closed i am truly sorry for the bother :frowning: