Pagure/fedpkg missing config file?

Hi all,
Just got my first package approved and am now sponsored.
I’m trying to make the next step, following the docs (New Package Process for New Contributors :: Fedora Docs) and I’m running into an annoying problem:

On running fedpkg request-repo, I am prompted to get an API token, which I do, but when I try to run fedpkg set-pagure-token I get ERROR: User config file not found at: $HOME/.config/rpkg/fedpkg.conf

I can’t find any documentation telling me what needs to be in that file or how to create it. Or am I just supposed to put the API key there?

Thanks all


Hi, I’m not sure but I found this.

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Take a look at the fedpkg man page, that has information on what needs to go into the config files:

   fedpkg request-repo
         usage: fedpkg request-repo [-h]
                                    [--namespace {rpms,container,modules,flatpaks}]
                                    [--description DESCRIPTION]
                                    [--monitor {no-monitoring,monitoring,monitoring-with-scratch}]
                                    [--upstreamurl UPSTREAMURL]
                                    [--summary SUMMARY] [--exception]
                                    name [bug]

         Request a new dist-git repository

         Before the operation, you need to generate a API token at:

             ACL required:
                 "Create a new ticket"

         Update your token with the following command:
             fedpkg set-pagure-token <api_key_here>

         Command saves token to fedpkg config file:

         For example:
             token = <api_key_here>

It should create the file if it doesn’t exist I guess, worth filing a bug :+1:

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Thanks - I completely missed the example when I glanced at the man page.

Creating the file manually in that format worked.

I’ll go ahead and file that bug regarding the file being created if it doesn’t exist.
EDIT: File that PR

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