How to use pagure-dist-git in pagure

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hello, i am useing pagure-dist-git plugin in pagure,

Add the following configuration in /etc/pagure/pagure.cfg
PAGURE_PLUGINS_CONFIG = “/etc/pagure/plugins.cfg”

The contents of /etc/pagure/plugins.cfg as follows

[root@bogon ~]# cat /etc/pagure/plugins.cfg
import os
import sys
dir_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath( file ))
from pagure_distgit import plugin

then restart the service about pagure,Create a new project in pagure,use “git clone” to get the
project. there is no difference betwen zhe new project and old, should i add other configurations?
Is it correct to use the command “git clone…; git add…; git cpmmit…; git push…”,or to use other commands to call this plugin,thanks a lot