Confused about password, API key and ssh auth

I want to contribute but the Pagure WebUI is as always too restricted (no squashing and no creation of new branches).

I tried pushing with my account credentials from but it gave me Authentication failed for ''

In the settings I could not find anything to attach an ssh key, which I would prefer. Instead there is an API key but this is not used for git afaik, and I dont see the reason for it.

It would already be enough to have password working, but ssh key would be preferable. I could not find any docs on that.

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Added ssh

There are two different instances.

  • : this is a generic git forge (like GitHub) and folks can create their repositories there etc., as long as they have a Fedora account. One can then set an ssh key here to use git URLs for their repos. The API key here can be used to use the pagure API—for example, we package maintainers use it to request new repositories after review requests using fedpkg request-repo ..
  • : this is a custom deployment of the Pagure software intended for our package maintenance needs. One has to be in the packager FAS group, and has to have admin/commit rights on packages to be able to push to repositories on this instance. One can fork them and then work on their own forks to open PRs etc (see the docs for more information on this workflow). This picks up the SSH key from FAS, one can’t set it separately here. One can create API keys here too, though.

So, two different instances that use SSH keys from different places. I hope that helps to clarify it some.

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Thanks, quite confusing but that should solve it, thanks!

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