QuickDocs committer group

To open PR for the first time in Pagure, do I need to be on committter group?

No, just a FAS account you use to log in.

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@ankursinha does my FAS ID (hankuoffroad) have commit write access to Pagure QuickDocs repo?

The following attempts are aborted and rejected when I try

  • git push from origin to remote

I wonder if my profile / permission sets need to be elevated.

Fork / clone / ssh connection / git pull upstream proven okay. I can’t do git push and PR.

No, it wasn’t in the group here. Added you now


How sweet!

$ git push --dry-run
To ssh://pagure.io/forks/hankuoffroad/fedora-docs/quick-docs.git
a29b611…30cc32c main → main

$ git push -u origin 521-find-install-apps --dry-run
To ssh://pagure.io/forks/hankuoffroad/fedora-docs/quick-docs.git

  • [new branch] 521-find-install-apps → 521-find-install-apps
    Would set upstream of ‘521-find-install-apps’ to ‘521-find-install-apps’ of ‘origin’
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