Packaging cudatext for dnf?

I’ve seen that cudatext was an editor’s pick in Fedora Software manager.

Installed via flatpack but finally also compiled to native from source, with the immediate and useful help from the author on github.

Just wondering here if someone of you expert sysadmins would make it available via dnf… I mean on Debian it’s sudo apt install cudatext … and, well, flatpak is not exactly the same thing (but ok, it’s still good👍).

For me I’ve solved through compilation, but unfortunately I’m not expert enough to know how to package it for others: I don’t know if it’s too difficult to prepare and share it as a package for dnf. It’s a genuine question. I’m asking - broadly speaking - not only specifically for this app.

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You should probably start with, New Package Process for New Contributors :: Fedora Docs

Having said that I also appreciate the experience of building from source and that I consider it instructive…
Probably my question is more about the best way to deploy a native app to another Fedora machine (correctly managing the dependencies), if/how it is possible to build a rpm package and I’m afraid the answer could be that it isn’t always the case. I don’t know if there is some technically relevant difference in Debian package system that made it easier the distribution there. Or it’s rather KDE being based on Qt.

In this specific case, the quickest way I’d recommend is to download from sourceforge and tar -xvf the linux-gtk2-amd64 version, without worrying about rpm and dnf. IMHO - for the ones who don’t have time for compiling from source - that’s the best install option (better than flatpak which installs the qt5 version) because gtk would run smoothly on gnome and because in this way the app will run natively so starting faster.

Out of curiosity, one can see the dependencies from the control of .deb: libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.20.0), python3 (>= 3.5).

(btw there would be a fundamental problem should one follow the standard “source” rpm packaging procedure: the dev dependencies, instead of the runtime deps, are quite complex*, the source is not built by some configure and make but by the Lazarus Pascal toolchain…)

(*) with things like

BuildRequires: fpc 

BuildRequires: lazarus

lazbuild ...

as in Tree - rpms/pasdoc -

maintained by Artur Frenszek-Iwicki

It would be nice to have CudaText as a package in Fedora’s repositories… Has there been any progress with this?

Since CT is updated quite frequently, it is a drag to download the updates manually.