PackageKit Items Not Found wiki page outdated

The PackageKit Items Not Found wiki page is outdated. It features mp3 as an example for codecs which cannot be shipped with Fedora for patent/licensing reasons. As far as I know this is no longer true and Fedora actually ships the lame package for mp3 compression. So I think the wiki page should be updated and the mp3 reference removed as not to confuse users. Now I could edit the article, but I thought I would add something to the discussion tab of the wiki page before, in case somebody has objections. However, I cannot find a button to add an entry to the discussion. Is that on purpose?

So basically I have two questions:

  1. Shall I go ahead and remove the mp3 reference?
  2. Is the discussion function in the wiki disabled, broken or do I simply not find the button to use it?

Discussion pages were disabled, wiki talk pages editing disabled - devel - Fedora Mailing-Lists , basically because they were where good content went to die. If you see an error, or know an enhancement, feel free to make the change! Happy editing!


You can definitely edit the page. I think an even-better thing to do, though, would be to migrate the page to Quick Docs. See Contribute to Quick Docs :: Fedora Docs for how.